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Five Women’s Sports Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts are the new hit thing. Running on the treadmill? Listen to a podcast. Going for a walk? Listen to a podcast. Around 20 percent of people listen to four to five podcasts a week. There are so many sports podcasts that exist but very few that are about women’s sports. Here is a list of five women’s sports podcasts that will provide insight into the world of female athletics.

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy

Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy is a lighthearted podcast hosted by former Women’s Sports Foundation President and U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team star Julie Foudy. Foudy interviews female sports stars and has insightful, funny and meaningful conversations. She discusses the ups and downs of sports with each athlete and delves into the joys and craziness of each of their lives. Her podcast has thus far featured athletes such as Mia Hamm, Kerri Walsh Jennings, Simone Biles and Jessica Mendoza.

Around the Rim with LaChina Robinson

Around the Rim with LaChina Robinson is hosted by basketball analyst LaChina Robinson and producer Terrika Foster-Brasby. The two women talk all things women’s basketball. They discuss the hottest topics in the women’s game and debate their opinions on all the current women’s basketball issues.

Hear Her Sports

Hear Her Sports is hosted by Elizabeth Emery, a major women’s sports fan and admirer of female athletes. Emery was a professional cyclist and traveled all over the world racing in  different competitions including what was called “The Grand Boucle,” which later became The Tour de France. Hear Her Sports is a platform for female athletes of all sports to come speak about their sport and their lives. Emery interviews these women in a manner that allows them to imitate the role of co-hosts and address larger issues in society. The athletes share how sport has allowed them to speak up, break barriers and have a platform in society. Emery has interviewed the president of the Women’s Sports Foundation Elana Meyers Taylor, which will air soon, so be sure to hit ‘subscribe’ on Hear Her Sports!

The Tough Girl Podcast

The Tough Girl Podcast was created by Sarah Williams as a way to motivate and inspire women and girls. Williams interviews women from all over the world who have done inspirational things. The podcast episodes include women sharing their stories about overcoming adversity and difficult situations. Williams asks these women for advice in hopes of providing listeners with tips and essential tools. The stories are enlightening, interesting and motivational.

Black Girls Talk Sports

Black Girls Talk Sports is hosted by Rekaya Gibson. It is a podcast where many women of color talk about all things sports. The women on the show discuss the hot topics in both men’s and women’s sports, bringing in a host of different voices and opinions to give listeners a variety of viewpoints.


Honorable Mentions:

Hope Sports

Hope Sports is hosted by Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson. The podcast itself is less about winning and statistics but rather the story behind athletes’ lives and the journeys they take to get to where they are. Each podcast features a different athlete. Wilkinson asks the athletes questions about how they fell in love with their sport and about the many different influences that they had throughout the process. Each athlete is one of the best at their sport, but Wilkinson wants to get at more of how they have impacted their communities by digging into a bigger purpose than just sport.


Netballers is hosted by Sasha and Kadeen Corbin, two English professional netballers, as well as BBC broadcast journalist Betty Glover. The three women talk lightheartedly about Netball and the common misconceptions that many people have about the rules and the way that the game works. They weave current events into their conversations and talk about everything going on in the world. If you are looking to learn about a new sport, be sure to check out Netballers.

Abby Jonathan is a summer intern at the Women’s Sports Foundation. She plays soccer at Syracuse University.