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Key Areas of Impact

Girls’ Sports: Access and Opportunity
40% of teen girls do not participate in sport compared to 25% of teen boys. (Zarrett, N., Veliz, P., & Sabo, D. 2018)
Title IX: Awareness, Education, and Compliance
Nearly 90% of colleges do not offer athletic opportunities to female athletes proportional to their enrollment. (U.S. Department of Education, 2019)
Mental and Physical Health and Safety
48% of female collegiate athletes report having had symptoms of depression or anxiety. (Brown, Hainline, Kroshus, and Wilfert, 2004)
Leadership, Pay Equity and Workplace Bias
24% of all head coaches at the college level are women. (NCAA, 2019a)
Media Coverage
3.2% of sports media coverage is devoted to women’s sports. (Cooky, Messner, and Musto, 2015)
Take a look at the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Chasing Equity research report to learn more.

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