Planned Giving

“Growing up with limited sport and educational opportunities, I wanted things to be different for future generations and to make sure that I would become part of the change for girls and women. Protecting title IX, promoting gender equity and empowering others to take action is very dear my heart. It is also the cornerstone of WSF’s advocacy work. I decided to factor WSF in my estate planning because I am positive they will continue to create more opportunities for girls and women and advocate for equity beyond such opportunities.”

— Judy Sweet, Long-time WSF Supporter and Champions Legacy Circle member, Co-chair of NCAA Gender Equity Task Force and Former NCAA Senior Vice President

About Planned Giving

When you make a planned gift, you and your family may receive financial and tax benefits while also providing support for the Women’s Sports Foundation. This section provides information that will enable you to unlock possibilities for girls and women through sport in a way that is consistent with your financial and estate planning goals.

By including the Women’s Sports Foundation in your estate plan, you will ensure that the Foundation can continue to help every single girl reach her leadership potential through the power of sports. Additionally, your bequest will help provide access and opportunity to play for the future generations of girls in underserved communities and fight for equity at all levels from grassroots to collegiate to professional sports.

  • To be part of the legacy, please call Jean Tatge, Chief Development Officer, at 646-813-7238.


We’ve partnered with FreeWill to make it easier than ever for our WSF community to ensure all girls and women have equitable access to sport — today and every day. FreeWill’s online resource makes it simple to create a legal will at no personal cost, and include a gift in your plans to join our Championship Club.

This free resource takes 20 minutes or less. Click here to write your legal will and create your legacy with WSF.

Giving Through Your Estate

Naming WSF in your will, living trust, retirement plan or other estate plan is a simple way to make a meaningful contribution to WSF.


You can make a bequest to the WSF by including us in your will or living trust. You might consider the following options:

  • General bequest – This is usually a specific dollar amount left to WSF.
  • Specific property – WSF receives specific assets, such as securities, a piece of real estate (such as a residence) or tangible personal property (such as artwork).
  • Residuary bequest – WSF receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after the payment of general and specific bequests and estate-related expenses.
  • Contingent bequest – WSF is given a bequest only in the event of the death of other beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Designations

Including WSF on a beneficiary designation form is an easy and quick way to ensure that the Foundation can continue to support all girls and all women in all sports. Some assets permit you to name an ultimate beneficiary by simply completing a form.

IRAs and Other Qualified Retirement Plan Designations:

You can designate WSF as ultimate beneficiary of a retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k). To do so, you simply complete a beneficiary designation form and return it to the plan’s custodian. Typically, there are additional tax benefits available when donating this type of asset. For example, much of the value of an IRA you bequeath to your heirs could be eaten up by taxes. Naming WSF as beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan may avoid income and estate taxes that otherwise might be due.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations:

WSF can be named a beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy if your family no longer needs the insurance benefits. You would simply complete and return to the insurance company a form designating WSF as recipient of all or a portion of the ultimate benefit associated with the policy. Life insurance can represent a significant gift to WSF at a relatively low cost to you.

Donor Advised Fund Designations

As with a retirement plan or life insurance policy, you may make a legacy gift to WSF by listing WSF as a charitable beneficiary of your existing donor advised fund.

Champions Legacy Circle

By designating the Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, trust or estate plans or via a charitable remainder trust, you will be welcomed as a member of the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Champions Legacy Circle. Champions Legacy Circle members receive recognition in the Foundation’s Annual Report as well as other benefits.

By making a legacy gift, you will join other “champions of women in sports” in our Champions Legacy Circle. The Foundation would be happy to discuss with you and your financial planner some options to allow you to perpetuate your values while meeting your philanthropic and financial goals.

Join the growing ranks of WSF supporters who have committed to ensuring that future generations of girls will get a chance to discover their inner athlete and use sport as a springboard in life.

For more information:

Women’s Sports Foundation
Attn.: Jean Tatge, Chief Development Officer
247 W 30th Street, 5th Fl.
New York, NY 10001
p 646.813.7238
f 212.967.2757


Note: As you consider any charitable gift plan, please consult with your tax or financial advisor to determine the tax/financial implications for you and your family. WSF does not provide legal or tax advice. This communication is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.