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We believe that sports are a birthright and we use our powerful voice to advocate for equality in sports for every girl and woman. We speak out for safe, equal playing fields for school-aged and elite athletes around the world and promote female leadership in all areas of sports."

—Dr. Deborah Antoine, WSF CEO

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WSF Responds to Secretary DeVos' Recent Title IX Announcement

WSF supports Title IX, and the rights and protection afforded by this critical piece of legislation. Secretary DeVos’ decision to open up Title IX for changes is troublesome and threatens to reverse our forward progress as a nation.

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WSF Responds to Texas Senate Bill 3

WSF, Human Rights Campaign, and write a letter to some extreme Texas lawmakers’ to express our concerns regarding their attempts to use women’s athletics to support anti-LGBTQ legislation that will harm young transgender athletes.

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Know Your Rights

The more you understand Title IX and your legal rights, the more you’ll be able to ensure you have equal opportunities to participate in sports.

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You Have the Right to Play

Check out this overview of Title IX and learn more about your legal rights. See why everyone deserves an opportunity to play.

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Let’s remember where we were before 1972, and celebrate the obstacles we’ve overcome along the way.

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Learn our views on fair treatment for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual (and yes, even straight) athletes and coaches.

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For Athletes

Our female athletes are leading the charge to help ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to play sports. If their advocacy has...

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Parent Resources

They don’t teach this in school. Find out how parents and coaches can work together to support young athletes. Learn how to be supportive without losing perspective. Define your roles and boundaries, and understand your responsibilities.

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