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WSF Teams Up With Vice President Harris to Celebrate Women in Sports

Credit: Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

The Vice President of the United States cheered on women in sports in honor of Women’s History Month 2024, calling on the Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) to help her celebrate women across the sports ecosystem who have helped change the game for 50 years and counting.

On Wednesday, March 27, 2024, Vice President Harris, in collaboration with WSF, held an afternoon tea reception at the Vice President’s Residence in Washington, D.C. This exclusive event brought together a powerful group reflective of the entire sports industry, including WSF Founder Billie Jean King and WSF CEO Danette Leighton, as well as women athletes, coaches, collegiate leaders, pro-team owners (of both women’s and men’s sports), league commissioners, journalists, sports business executives and legislative and non-profit leaders, all to celebrate the vital role that sports play in society.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we have spent time reflecting on how sports have built a more equitable future for girls and women both on and off the field of play. A recent Deloitte report found that 85% of women who played sports say the skills they developed while playing set them up for success in their professional careers. The research clearly supports what we have known and fought for, for the past five decades – that when girls and women play, they lead and we all win.

85% of women who played sports say the skills they developed while playing set them up for success in their professional careers.

Since our founding in 1974, we’ve seen great strides towards equity. From the first stadium dedicated to women’s sports opening in Kansas City and the NWSL landing a precedent-setting media-rights deal to the WNBA draft tickets selling out in 15 minutes, women athletes, teams and leagues are continuously shattering records and outdated assumptions. But we cannot lose ground.

Each of us must work together to build on the momentum we’re seeing across the women’s sports ecosystem, so whether girls and women dream of competing on the world’s greatest stages, coaching the next generation of athletes or running Fortune 500 companies, they will be able to get there through the transformative power of sports.

Equality in sports leads to equality in life and our work will not stop until all girls and women can play, compete and lead – in sports and beyond – without barriers.

Please join us in thanking Vice President Harris for hosting game changers in sport and read more about the special event in USA Today.

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