Toni Breidinger

Published on August 28th, 2023

Sports have impacted my life a lot. I feel like I would not be the same person today without motorsports in my life. I feel like it’s really shaped me as a person, and I feel like I’ve learned some traits just from starting at a young age. I feel like it kind of humbles you fast, I feel like you learn how to take losses and, if you do get knocked down to come back up again.  So, I feel like for me, it’s really just instilled really good work ethic and just ambition in me.

I believe all girls and women should have access to sports because I mean, our male counterparts do, so I feel like we deserve that same equal access. Like I said before, I learned so much from sports and it’s instilled so many great traits for me, that I feel like I could carry on beyond sports. I feel like it’s just an important part of life.

For the future of women’s sports, I would like to see more equality and I’d also like to see equal exposure. I feel like a lot of the conversations that we’ve been having today are you know, how do we get that support from brands and sponsors, but we can’t do that without the proper exposure. So, I feel like that’s kind of the root to a lot of the discussions we’ve been talking so I would like to just see us get on those same big platforms and just reach the same audience as males.