Mickey Grace

Published on November 29th, 2022

Gender equity in sports means that I can shower after a hard practice or game because there’s a locker room dedicated to women in practice facilities and stadiums. Gender equity means enough gender neutral bathrooms or women’s bathrooms at the same distance and volume there are men’s room’s in sporting facilities. Gender equity means athletic trainers carry tampons and equipment staff have hydrogen peroxide available. Gender Equity means not getting all my steps in while finding a bathroom or even going to a public restroom in a stadium and then having to argue with event staff because they don’t know that there’s a female on coaching staff and the second half has begun because they don’t believe you, and having to google your team coaching staff and yourself so they could give you permission to go do your job and then being yelled at because ‘where were you?’ Hypothetically, of course. Gender equity means lactation spaces and times. It means child care and emergency emergency child care. It means gender is diverse at the highest levels of each program, team, company and organization, and if after searching high and low for a qualified candidate and if they can’t find one, they train one. Gender equity means we are specifically considered or not considered based on how they think we will be treated or how the public will receive us or on any person responding to our existence.  Gender equity acknowledges gender inequities and accommodates where there are societal limits. Gender equity means not having to have a real conversation with my significant other if I can afford to continue to coach football because I don’t know how I will continue to afford child care, for my amazing 7 year old.