Mesha Levister

Published on January 10th, 2020

Sports has been a staple of my life since I was a child. It has taught me so many lesson both on an off the course. I am patient, driven, goal focused, a great team player, and know how to learn from every loss I have ever taken. Sports has molded me into who i am today. 


It is so important for girls and women to play sports because it gives them a healthy dose of competition and also its instills so many character building traits whether you are young or old. Regardless of the sport, it also gets you moving which is good for you physical and mental well being. 

Gender equality means a great deal to me. As a person in a sport that the pay and exposure for women vs men is very lopsided, it’s important to keep pushing the needle forward so that everyone can see how great females are at golf and the great minds that they have on and off the course. I would love to see equal pay in golf. I’ll help in anyway to see that happen. 

As a coach and a leader, it’s important to help women grow. I was not given my talent just to be selfish and use it on myself. My purpose is to lead and help mold girls to be better. To strive for excellence even when they can’t see excellence in themselves.