Lori Locust

Published on August 28th, 2023

Sports has always been an outlet for me and has given me the ability to be strong, be competitive and be physical without judgement. I grew up on the fringe of the birth of Title IX and was part of the initial high school statistic of girls in varsity sports. Although access to some sports were restricted when I was younger, I was turned away at the door of little league baseball signups, I continued to pursue athletics and was involved in competitive sports throughout adulthood. I can only speak for myself but I know I was successful in the business sector because of sports and the dynamic lessons learned. Understanding team concepts, how to pivot with adversity, as well as understanding how a long-term process and commitment to high standards could lead to success were all derived from my athletic background. Advocating for gender equity is multi-faceted to me because if we push to have equal opportunity, equal consideration, equal pay, we must also be advocates for equal treatment, equal evaluation and equal hiring/firing in our individual sectors. Entering into male prevalent spaces, I’ve never asked for or expected special treatment and being treated the same as my colleagues has been a win in my opinion. I feel for all of us to be successful we need to do as much as we can to raise the level of our experience and knowledge in direct proportionate degree of advocating for equity. Mentorship, shadow programs, internships are so incredibly important and valuable before trying to broad brush any of us into non typical spaces. Creating a support system and framework, again in my opinion, is equally important if not more so than equity advocating do that once we get there, we have every chance to be successful long term.