Published on September 1st, 2023

At just five-years-old Janae is one of the youngest participants in Can Play’s summer program, but you would never know that this is her first time playing sports from her positive attitude and consistent work ethic.  She joined Can Play this summer after a couple years watching her older brother, Jeth, play in our year-round sports programming and thought that she would also have fun playing.  When asked about her favorite part of playing baseball with Can Play, Janae said “all of practice” and upon further questioning we eventually found out that she really enjoyed batting.  For her persistence and being a great teammate, Janae won one of our three good character prizes at the end of this season given to participants who go above and beyond at practice to embody the values our organization teaches.  Thanks in part to the support of The Women’s Sports Foundation, young girls like Janae will continue to have access to a variety of sports opportunities through Can Play that might not otherwise be accessible for them and their families.