Alysia Montaño

Published on November 29th, 2022

I think it’s imperative for moms to have support to keep participating in sports because we know that there are so many barriers that limit women’s participation, and part of what can become of womanhood is motherhood, and if we really are trying to make sure that we create an equitable landscape for women to keep participating, we know that we have to also include support and resources for moms to still be able to do so.

Sports has greatly impacted my life, it taught me how to be a leader, it taught me how to be a team player. It is everything that you see right now as to who I am. It also helped me recognize how to just get into the game. Just get in the game where you see that there are holes and support as best as possible so that I can help my team get to the finish line together, and that’s metaphorical for life and how I see myself, you know, really helping advance not only our communities, and the world, but you know women in sports but also in the workplace across all industries.