Beyond X's & O's

Beyond X’s & O’s

This nationwide online survey, the largest of its kind to-date, was designed to generate facts and analysis of the workplace experiences and views of both female and male coaches of intercollegiate women’s sports. This research is unique in that it is the first to assess male coaches of women’s teams and make comparisons with female coaches.

The data-driven research confirms there is systemic gender bias; it’s not sporadic or limited to a few institutions. Key findings include:

  • Bias is associated with gender of the coach, not the gender of the team. Many women coaches perceive gender bias, fewer of their male counterparts recognize it.
  • Most women coaches believe it is easier for men to secure high level jobs, salary increases, promotions, and multi-year contracts. 4 out of 5 women coaches think it is easier for men to get top-level coaching jobs.
  • Many women fear unfair treatment, retaliation and loss of their jobs if they express Title IX concerns.
  • More women are less willing to voice their opinions outside of the athletic department and are less involved in decision-making inside the athletic department.

Based on the findings, there are policy recommendations at the conclusion of the report meant to help coaches, athletic administrators and academic administrators better utilize college sports as an institutional vehicle for equitable participation and opportunity. The policy recommendations are also aimed at college presidents and chancellors, without whose support and leadership, the creation of meaningful change in the women’s sports workplace is likely to be impeded.

Beyond X’s and O’s Executive Summary here.
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