Embrace Your Sporting Self

Published on June 20th, 2011


Summon Your Senses

Today while you play, take the time to engage your senses. Taste your sweat. Feel the burn. Touch a snowflake. Smell the wind. Explore the world outside.

Do It With A Friend

One of the best modes of motivation is enlisting a friend. Invite someone along on your favorite trail. Organize a pick-up game of soccer. Or simple take your dog out on a snow shoeing adventure.

Take a Risk

Ever been in a three-mile run rut? Today, instead, set out on a five-mile loop with no choice but to finish. Take the plunge by pushing yourself a small step further.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Honor your personal sporting history. Take a look at old photos and varsity letters, and remember the sports you loved growing up. It may inspire you to revive an activity or two.

Be a Rookie

Don’t be afraid to try a sport for the first time. Everyone was a rookie at some stage, and not everyone is good at every sport. Maybe pair up with a friend that’s also new to the activity. Or find a friend that’s willing to teach you one-on-one.

Goal Tend

Set a goal, make a timeline, and go for it. Commit to a gauge of success and celebrate the small victories. Soon enough you’ll reach that next level.