Baseball and Softball: Should Girls and Women Have to Choose?

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Contrary to common belief, softball is not the female equivalent of baseball. Baseball and softball are governed by separate national sport governing bodies in the United States and internationally. In other words, the United States Olympic Committee and the world authority on sports, the International Olympic Committee, recognize baseball and softball as different sports.

Baseball and Softball: Should Girls and Women Have to Choose? The Women’s Sports Foundation Position (PDF 526k)

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Do Female Athletes Prefer Male Coaches?

Learn how to educate the media, our athletes and the general public about the insidious impact of historical discrimination against women in employment as coaches.

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We congratulate Coach Amber Parker and her attorneys who prevailed in an appellate court decision in a case challenging Franklin and other Indiana high schools' decisions to schedule boys' basketball games more frequently than girls' on "prime time" Friday nights.

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The Women’s Sports Foundation applauds the Department of Education’s new Guidance that outlines schools’ required response to sexual harassment and sexual violence. The Guidance requires schools to publish and disseminate a notice of non-discrimination that would make clear that sexual violence is prohibited under Title IX.


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