Baseball and Softball: Should Girls and Women Have to Choose?

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Contrary to common belief, softball is not the female equivalent of baseball. Baseball and softball are governed by separate national sport governing bodies in the United States and internationally. In other words, the United States Olympic Committee and the world authority on sports, the International Olympic Committee, recognize baseball and softball as different sports.

Baseball and Softball: Should Girls and Women Have to Choose? The Women’s Sports Foundation Position (PDF 526k)

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NCAA Certification Process

Without the NCAA certification process, it is unlikely that the campus will engage in a meaningful review of women’s athletics.

WSF Responds to CSC Study on NCAA Soccer

The College Sports Council (“CSC”) released another misleading report that selectively chose statistics to make it appear, once again, that Title IX is hurting male student-athletes. WSF responds to CSC study on Division I NCAA Soccer.

WSF Responds to the CSC Study on NCAA Tennis

As in past press releases, the CSC has taken highly selective NCAA data in order to fit their agenda, this time focusing exclusively on college tennis.


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