Progress and Promise: Title IX at 40, a White Paper

Published on May 20th, 2013

Title IX emerged from social and cultural shifts in the American gender order. Its legal ripples created controversy and pushback from many men who sat atop sport infrastructures from Little Leagues to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). It has provided women and advocates of female sport participation  with a legal tool to advance opportunity for girls and women in education and sport. Over time, many parents, educators, administrators and government leaders fell in step with its vision and ethic of fair play. Today, thanks to a growing body of research, the advocates for reform in sport and education increasingly base their claims and visions on evidence rather than myth or ideology. And it is out of these historical changes, knowledge production and celebration of its inception that the 2012 Title IX at 40: Progress and Promise—Equity for All conference was born. Download the full White Paper to learn how far we’ve come…and what work is left to do.

Progress and Promise: Title IX at 40 Conference, a White Paper (PDF 237k)