Participation of Intersex Athletes in Women’s Sports

Published on September 20th, 2011

Intersex athletes are vulnerable to exclusion from women’s sports, as well as ridicule and invasion of privacy. The Women’s Sports Foundation believes that women with intersex conditions have the same rights to participation in athletics as all women. It is also our position that eligibility standards for women’s sports that require an athlete to demonstrate particular hormone levels promote the policing of gender by medical means, leading to the unwarranted invasions of privacy not only for intersex athletes, but any athlete whose femininity is questioned. Moreover, any policy that singles out women’s sports for eligibility based on hormone levels is discriminatory and sends the harmful message that female athletes are uniquely vulnerable and in need of special protection from the normal, natural variation in size, skill, and athletic ability that exists among members of either sex.

Participation of Intersex Athletes in Women's Sports (pdf)