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Replacing the Food Pyramid

USDA unveils its new MyPlate graphic to depict its recommended daily diet intake, replacing the outdated Food Pyramid

Last week, the USDA unveiled its new MyPlate, designed to reflect recent changes in its recommended daily intake of each of the food groups. First Lady Michelle Obama, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack are the minds behind the new graphic, which will replace the old Food Pyramid.

Remember trying to translate the now-defunct Food Pyramid’s confusing proportions in your grade-school cafeteria? I, for one, never understood how much to eat of what or why it was so important for me to base my diet in mashed potatoes and white bread.

Apparently, I was not the only one who never quite understood the plan, as obesity rates have skyrocketed in recent years and unhealthy eating habits run rampant through our cafeterias and kitchens.

MyPlate shows vegetables, fruits, proteins and grains in close-to-equal proportions, with the dairy serving represented by a smaller cup icon.

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer recently featured a piece on MyPlate and spoke to Chef Bill Telepan to get recipes for dishes that fit into the new food plate:

Watch Diane Sawyer on ABC News and see healthy MyPlate recipe options from Chef Telepan.