2016 Sports 4 Life Grantees

This year the Sports 4 Life program is serving an unprecedented 40 organizations to continue to grow sports participation for girls who are underrepresented in athletics. We have awarded $194,250 in funding to 40 grantees to serve more than 10,000 middle and high school girls across the nation. Meet the Recipients

Where We Stand

Find out our policy and position statements on issues like Title IX and race, physical and verbal abuse of athletes, players unions and more. Policies & Positions

WSF: Global Work

Learn more about our international efforts, how we recognize amazing achievements from athletes all around the world and find out where we stand on the hottest and most buzzed-about global women's sports issues.

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Partners & Funders

The Foundation’s Participation, Education, Advocacy, Research and Leadership programs are made possible by individual, foundation and corporate contributions. Meet Our Partners