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Dear Supporters of the Women’s Sports Foundation,

I am honored to serve as the CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation and to continue the legacy of our founder, Billie Jean King, begun back in 1974.

As we now celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Title IX, the Women’s Sports Foundation continues to stand up, speak out and lead; serving as the collective voice for girls and women in sports.

Your support helps us conduct evidence-based research, advocate for equality, educate the public on critical needs, offer community-based grants that provide access to sports for girls and work with champion athletes as they transition from competition to careers.

We are proud of our many accomplishments, made possible by the thousands of individuals who donate, volunteer, and advocate— in their local communities, colleges and on national levels. Yet there is still so much more work to be done to further engage policymakers, business leaders, athletic administrators, elite and aspiring athletes, local program leaders, activists, organizers, young people and women and men of all backgrounds. All have a tremendous stake in achieving gender equality.

Thank you for being a part of our team, as together we pave the way for future generations by ensuring that all girls and women have equal access and opportunity to physical activity and sport so they can realize their full potential for happy, healthy and productive lives.

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Deborah Antoine
CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation