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Why Don’t More Moms Coach?

A recent New York Times article by KJ Dellantonia examines the large statistical gap between the number of mother coaches and father coaches in youth recreational sports. Overall estimates for women coaches of youth sports range from four percent all the way up to nearly 10 percent, with the numbers being a little lower for boys’ teams and a little higher — up to 11 percent — for girls’. Whatever your sport – hockey, soccer, baseball, softball — it’s Dad, not Mom, who’s in the dugout, on the sidelines or at the end of the bench

Why is this? With the enacting of Title IX, female athletic participation has increased exponentially. But the number of female coaches has not followed that same upward swing. Dellantonia opines that it’s not simply that mothers are too overscheduled to take on additional coaching responsibilities. She believes that it’s a lack of confidence in their skill sets that keeps mothers from stepping behind the clipboard.

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