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The Rundown with Elana Meyers

Douglasville, Georgia, native Elana Meyers began the sport of bobsled in 2007, making the national team her rookie season. In 2008, she won her first World Cup medal, a bronze with driver Shauna Rohbock. She followed the performance with a gold medal at the inaugural World Cup in Whistler, Canada. At the 2009 World Championships, Elana pushed with driver Shauna Rohbock to win silver, and won the 2010 Olympic bronze medal with pilot Erin Pac in Vancouver

Elana graduated from George Washington University in Washington D.C. in 2011 with a master's degree in Sports Management after finishing her B.S. in Exercise Science at George Washington in 2007. While at George Washington she played shortstop and pitcher for the Colonials' softball team. In 2010, we awarded Elana with our Travel & Training Fund grant and are proud to cheer her on as she continues on her path to the Sochi 2014 Games.

We caught up with Elana last month at the 34th Annual Salute to learn more about her life off the track.

1. WSF: If you could travel back in time, what one event in sports history would you want to witness? 
    EM: Jackie Robinson’s first Major League Baseball Game

2. WSF: You’ve got one last meal on earth. What do you eat?
    EM: Buffalo wings with cheese fries and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

3. WSF: You’ve been granted one super-power for 24 hours. What is it?
    EM: To fly at the speed of a bullet – so I could go anywhere in the world.

4. WSF:You have time to listen to one song before a major competition. What do you listen to? 
    EM: Some Nights by Fun.

5. Complete this sentence: “The Women’s Sports Foundation is important because:”
    EM: It provides women and girls with opportunities to compete and excel in sports and use sport to empower women – what could be better?