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Rusty Kanokogi Recipients Earn 11 Medals at Senior National Championships

[Nicole Stout, 2014 Rusty Kanokogi Fund Recipient Video]

Over the weekend hundreds of young athletes converged in Irving, Texas for the 2016 USA Judo Senior National Championships. We are thrilled to share that present among the hundreds of young men and women were eleven recipients of our Rusty Kanokogi Fund grant. Together, these fierce women earned a combined eleven medals: five gold, three silver and three bronze.

Established in 2009, the Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo provides direct financial assistance to aspiring judo athletes with successful competitive records who have the potential to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings. It is truly encouraging to see women excel in competition with the help of supporters and grants, like our own. The Rusty Kanokogi Fund helps to alleviate the stress aspiring elite-level judokas often face due to the financial burden associated with competing at higher levels, and permits them to concentrate on their training.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is proud to support these women in the pursuit of their athletic accomplishments. Keep a lookout for these women as they journey towards their #RoadtoRio!

Congratulations to Hana Carmichael (2010 Rusty Kanokogi Fund grantee), Nina Cutro-Kelly (2010 and 2011), Angelica Delgado (2010 and 2011), Lauren De Smidt (2012), Kayla Harrison (2009), Nefeli Papadakis (2015), Kathleen Sell (2010 and 2011), Cindy Simon (2014), Nicole Stout (2014), Mackenzie Williams (2014), and Chantal Wright (2015) for their strong performances at the 2016 USA Judo Senior National Championships.

If you are interested in donating to the Rusty Kanokogi Fund and supporting future female athletes on their journey’s, please visit here.

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