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Roz Savage finishes Indian Ocean row

After five months at sea, British adventurer and environmental advocate Roz Savage touched land in Mauritius, completing her solo row across the Indian Ocean and becoming the first woman to row solo across the “big three:” the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The 43-year-old set off from Australia five months ago in her 23-foot rowboat. After rowing more than 4,000 miles, she arrived in Grand Baie, Mauritius, last night. She generally rowed 12 hours a day, in three-hour stints, resting for an hour in between shifts to eat. On board, she had a desalinator to make saltwater drinkable and kept a six-month supply of fruit and nut bars and freeze-dried meals, along with a small pot in which she grew bean sprouts.

Savage completed the Atlantic row in 2005, and then went on to row the Pacific in three stages, finishing in June 2010.

This will be Savage’s last ocean journey —she has made the decision to retire. After six years of being an ocean rower, she’ll be changing her focus to environmental activism. Savage hopes to use her experiences to further her message about preserving the world’s oceans.