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Marlo Thomas to Huffington Post: Women, You’ve Won Big

Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress, author and activist, has written a blog today for Huffington Post in which she talks about Title IX, the advancement of women’s sports and the recent fervor caused by the 2011 Women’s World Cup.

Thomas says in her blog, “And, yes, it was heartbreaking to watch those final minutes of the World Cup (we were so close!). But to see those young women get under the skin of sports fan everywhere, with their fire and their skill, did more to level the playing field than all the debating ever could.”

WSF Founder Billie Jean King also shares her thoughts in the blog, telling Thomas’ shortly after the World Cup final ended, “Title IX! We have to be grateful for all the people who made that happen. I feel very connected to these soccer women. It's like a relay race — every generation passes the baton on to the next generation, and each generation pushes the envelope for the next. And our generation is the guardian of Title IX.”

Read the full Huffington Post blog here.

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