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i-tri Triathletes Finish Race with the Help of GoGirlGo!

On Sunday, 19 young women completed a journey of transformation six months in the making, and a lot of their success was thanks to our GoGirlGo! program. The i-tri program from East Hampton, NY, received a $10,000 GoGirlGo! grant in April and used the funds to implement our GoGirlGo! curriculum into their programming. The girls also pledged to complete a triathlon consisting of swimming the daunting distance of 300 yards, biking 7 miles and running 1.5 miles. On Sunday, the entire group completed the goal and transformed in more ways than just into strong, confident athletes.

What they said about their six-months of training and the GoGirlGo! curriculum: “Along the way- the girls forged strong bonds, opened their minds and hearts to new ways of thinking and seeing the world and tested the limits of their courage and strength. All who witnessed this AMAZING group of young women- in their team uniforms- bravely entering the water of Gardner’s Bay and swimming the daunting distance of 300 yards, biking 7 miles and running 1.5 miles, were moved and inspired by their accomplishment! These girls proved to themselves, their friends and families that they could do ANYTHING that they put their minds and hearts into! Even though i-tri is about competing in a triathlon- the true benefits go way further than one race-along the way- they have become confident, self-assured young women who cannot wait to mentor the next group of i-tri girls! Thanks GoGirlGo!.”

About i-tri: i-tri is an inclusive, community based intervention program that fosters self-respect, personal empowerment, self-confidence, positive body image and healthy lifestyle choices for at-risk adolescent girls. Through the sport of Triathlon and a curriculum of physical fitness /nutrition activities, self-affirming lessons of respect, responsibility,teamwork and dedication, i-tri participants develop healthy habits & attitudes that last a lifetime.

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