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Hope Solo: From Injury to Redemption

Hope Solo, today regarded as the best goalie in the world, underwent major shoulder surgery less than a year ago. On Sunday, Solo will stand solo in the United States' net, playing as the only two hands between the ball and the first American World Cup since 1999.

In November of 2010, U.S. goalie Hope Solo underwent major shoulder surgery. The procedure debilitated her so much so that she needed help just to get dressed and fix her hair. She missed most of the World Cup qualifying play, but just ten months later, Solo is poised to play a major role in Sunday's final against Japan.

Should she play like she has all tournament, there is no doubt that the United States will win its first World Cup since 1999. In the video above, Solo talks about her surgery, what she went through to get back in fighting shape and what it means to persevere and achieve against all odds.

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