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FIBA Changes Rule on Headgear

In April, the Women’s Sports Foundation sent a letter to the President of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) urging them to overturn their rule on headgear in all sanctioned competitions. The Foundation believes that all athletes should be afforded maximum flexibility in the choice of uniform fabric and styles. An athlete’s uniform selection can be affected by several different factors, such as medical and safety concerns, differences in body type, as well as cultural differences.

We know that nearly 650 million women wear headscarves throughout the world. By FIBA allowing a prohibition on what many religious people see as non-negotiable can exclude hundreds of millions of potential athletes and supporters world-wide. At the WSF we firmly believe all women deserve the right to play. Thus, we are proud to see FIBA announce their change to its rule on headgear allowing players to wear headgear.

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