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Champion Athletes Share What the Travel & Training Fund Means to Them

This year, in the spirit of thanks-giving, the world’s top female athletes have come together to raise important grant-dollars for the next generation of women champions through the Women’s Sports Foundation’s Travel & Training Fund Program. This program provides direct financial assistance to individual athletes and teams, helping women reach their full potential and fuel their journeys towards regional, national and international sports competition.

Most recently, the WSF awarded 32 athletes and teams Travel & Training Fund grants with support from Gatorade and last year’s #WSFFaceOff donors. By the end of this year, the WSF hope’s to increase that number to include 14 more “Dream Chasers” who aspire to greatness.

Champion athletes Brenda Villa, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana and Jamie Whitmore share what the Travel & Training Fund means to them and why it’s important for aspiring athlete’s to have such a Fund available.