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About That Marathon…

Below is an excerpt from Annie Pokorny’s blog about preparing for her 2017 NYC Marathon experience. Annie trained, raised funds and completed the race on behalf of the Women’s Sports Foundation and we are incredibly grateful for her support!


Unlike many people, for me, running a marathon has never been a goal. Honestly, it just looked really hard. From the pavement pounding, to the crowd shuffling, to whatever terrors happen to everyone at mile 20, the whole thing was something I intended to opt out of for life.

Respect to those who pursue it, I thought, but it’s just not for me.

Then, at literally the first chance I got to run a marathon, I volunteered. With vigor.

Without hesitation, I signed up for 26.2 miles of pavement pounding, crowd shuffling, and all that happens from the start to finish (including mile 20). I didn’t make that decision so much because of what I was being asked to do, but rather who was doing the asking (I’ll give you a hint, the organization changed my life).

I was raised an athlete. From my first days on this planet, I had the privilege of participating in sport at every level. I’ve shifted from a recreational to professional athlete and back again, stopping at every step in between. I have played soccer, run track, tried my hand at swimming and golf, before ultimately deciding to pursue cross-country skiing at the elite level. All my life, I had dreams of being a professional athlete.

Unfortunately, for many American girls, that’s never going to be an option.

A mixture of culture, tradition, and socioeconomic status keeps girls from getting involved in, or staying in, sport. That means that they are not only missing out on the chance to live active, healthy lives, but also the opportunity to access education, social, and career opportunities. Luckily, a handful of people are working to change that.

When those people, The Women’s Sports Foundation, asked if I would like to represent them in the TCS New York City Marathon, I responded with an obvious, and immediate, YES.

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