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Title IX at 40 Conference

On May 9 – 11, the SHARP Center, our collaboration with the University of Michigan, hosted its Title IX at 40 Conference on the UM campus in Ann Arbor. The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the landmark legislation was a resounding success. In attendance was an unprecedented wide interdisciplinary spectrum of researchers — legal scholars, sport sociologists, biomedical researchers, sport economists and historians. They were joined by noted speakers, University of Michigan student-athletes and general supporters of Title IX and our other causes. Traveling from across the country and even internationally – Japan, Zimbabwe, England and Canada – attendees were exposed to thoughtful, stimulating dialogue on a variety of Title IX-specific topics.

Read the Progress and Promise: Title IX at 40 White Paper here>>>

Watch videos of select presentations here>>>

Presentations by Laila Ali (Women’s Sports Foundation), Amy Berman (US Office of Civil Rights), James E. Delany (Big Ten Conference), and Bernice “Bunny” Sandler (“Godmother of Title IX”) are being shown around the clock, through June 8, on the Michigan TV Channel. Click here for air dates and times.

Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting content from the thought-provoking, unifying conference.

Noted sights and sounds from the three days of Title IX celebration:

“Life breaks you down and sport builds you up.” — Laila Ali, WSF President, Keynote Speaker

“Title IX is about equal distribution of resources, not the level of resources.” – Robert Kaestner, Speaker

“The predicted increases in obesity are not sustainable in terms of the ability of the health care system to take care of the health consequences.” – Caroline Richardson, Speaker

“Anything that increases your education and your career will have a positive effect on your long term health” — Jacquelynne Eccles, Speaker

“We need to make women and men discontented with the situation as it is.” – Bernice Sandler, Speaker “Separation is the worst possible solution unless you consider the alternatives.” – Deborah Brake, Speaker

“Here we are 40 years later and we’re only at 41% participation.” – Christine Grant, speaker, referring to the participation rates of women in NCAA Division II and III.

“The SEC spends $156,000 per student-athlete. The average cost per student is $13,000. What do we get for that?” – Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Speaker, WSF Senior Director of Advocacy