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Travel and Training Fund: We Support the Pursuit of Greatness

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Sharon Monplaisir, Fencing
The biggest obstacle I had to overcome in my career was lack of money.

It was difficult because I had to try and work and full-time job, and try to get hours of training in… and travel to New York to compete.

Wendy Hilliard, Rhythmic Gymnastics
I was training, I was going to school, I was working and I was writing everyone to see if they would support me. I was trying to compete internationally, and this was basically my last driven national team and it was Olympic year.

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In 1984, the Women’s Sports Foundation established the “Travel & Training Fund.”

We were the first organization to offer grants for female athletes with elite potential.

Sharon Monplaisir
When I received a grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1990, I was barely at the liming of surviving financially. And it was so crucial because that amount that was given helped me travel to a World Cup and make the World Team.

Wendy Hilliard
The fact that I had support from the Women’s Sports Foundation really made a major change and it really taught me that someone believed in what I was doing.

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So far, we’ve awarded more than 1200 grants.

Many of these athletes went on to win national championships and Olympic medals.

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Kerri Strung, Gymnast
Kristi Yamaguchi, Figure Skater
Picabo Street, Alpine Ski Racer
Michelle Kwan, Figure Skater

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