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Academic Progress and Sports and Physical Activity

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Research over more than three decades has typically found that participation in sports is positively associated with many different educational outcomes. Girls who are involved in sport and are more physically active are more likely to have better attendance at school, fewer disciplinary issues, a greater desire to go to college, and better grades.

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Research Findings Pertaining To Girls and Women of Color in Sports


There is a great deal of evidence to indicates that African American and Hispanic females are disproportionately impacted by chronic diseases and some health risk behaviors, that they participate in sports in lower numbers and that their participation in sports could lead to not only lower rates of chronic disease but also reduced health risk behaviors and positive outcomes, like higher academic performance.

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Get a Girl Active

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What happens when a girl is resistant to getting active? These tips will provide you with critical information to get girls physically active and help guide them to a healthier lifestyle.

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10 Commandments for Parents and Coaches of Girls

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As coaches and parents, we bring our values to sport and transmit them to our children and their teammates. Remembering these 10 Commandments will help you and your child have the best experience in sports as possible.

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Her Life Depends On It II


This benchmark 2009 research report draws critical conclusions that further emphasize the vital roles that sports play in the physical and social health of girls and women.

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Go Out and Play

Sport for Life 1

An exhaustive study of children’s participation in sports and exercise, this is the first to document the benefit of sports to the wellness of families.

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