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The Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo grant application is officially open. The deadline to apply is September 30, 2018.

History of the Program

The Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo was established in 2009 to provide direct financial assistance to aspiring judo athletes with successful competitive records who have the potential to achieve even higher performance levels and rankings.  Requests for assistance are considered for coaching, specialized training, equipment, athletic apparel and/or travel. An individual may request up to $5,000. The Fund was established by Richard Ader and is replenished through earnings on the endowment and donations. Learn more about Rusty Kanokogi and the Fund here.

Guidelines and Application

What is the purpose of the Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo?
The goal of the fund is to relieve aspiring elite-level female judo athletes of the financial burden associated with competing at higher levels and to permit them to concentrate on their training.

Who will administer the Rusty Kanokogi Fund for the Advancement of U.S. Judo?
The Women’s Sports Foundation administers the program.

What are the eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria for the program?

  1. Individual applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal residents and be eligible to compete for a U.S. national team.
  2. An individual may be awarded only one grant from the Women’s Sports Foundation per calendar year and a maximum of three grants to an individual in a lifetime.
  3. Grants awarded that cannot be used by the recipient for its intended purpose must be returned to the Women’s Sports Foundation office.
  4. Individuals applying for this grant are evaluated based upon the following criteria:

a. Financial need
b. Present and potential level and ranking
c. Lack of support from traditional sources
d. Role of award in continued participation and advancement
e. Potential impact of grant on advancing women in sports
f. Contribution to greater visibility of female athletes
g. Priority given to those who present a plan for reimbursing the grant in the future, whether financially or otherwise contributing to women’s sports.

College Student-Athlete Eligibility:
Per the NCAA Division I, II and III legislation, it is permissible for an individual to accept this scholarship since this sport is not sponsored at the NCAA level.

How much funding is available?
A total of $5,000 in grants will be awarded each calendar year.

When are deadlines and other relevant dates?
Online applications must be submitted by 5p.m. EST on September 30, 2018.
Grants will be awarded during the fourth quarter of 2018.

Application Procedure
You must visit Foundant GLM, the Women’s Sports Foundation’s grant-management system, and follow the directions to register a new user profile. Once your profile is registered, you will be able to save and submit an application on the website. APPLY HERE

Under the organization information, please enter the contact information for USA Judo. A Tax ID number is not required to register (so you may leave that space blank).

Notification of Application Acceptance

You will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address provided in your profile when your application has been received.

Any application that is late, incomplete or requesting funds for an event or purchase of equipment that will occur before the applicant would receive the grant money will not be accepted.


After reading the above guidelines carefully, if you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Flores: 516-307-3915 or

Past Recipients:

Katelyn Bouyssou 2017
Amelia Fulgentes 2017
Kaelin O’Sullivan 2017
Alisha Galles 2016
Liana Mutia 2016
Summer Truong 2016
Nefeli Papadakis 2015
Misato Sandoval 2015
Chantal Wright 2015
Cindy Simon 2014
Nicole Stout 2014
Mackenzie Williams 2014
Lauren De Smidt 2013
Hannah Martin 2013
Leilani Akiyama 2012
Lauren De Smidt 2012
Ronny Elor 2012
Ashley Hejlik 2012
Cameron Kaichi 2012
Janine Nakao 2012
Nina Cutro-Kelly 2011, 2010
Kathleen Sell 2011, 2010
Angelica Delgado 2011, 2010
Hana Carmichael 2010
Jordan Mouton 2010
Kayla Harrison 2009