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Seattle girls deserve to be the best they can be. We are here to help them be just that.

About Us

Seattle and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is known for its enthusiasm for outdoor activities such as biking, rock climbing, kayaking and more. Despite the active lifestyle many Seattleites engage in, the Northwest, unfortunately, is not immune to the alarming trend of obesity among kids — more than 12,000,000 kids are obese in the United States. GoGirlGo! Seattle is here to help take responsibility in our community, to support parents, schools and girl-serving organizations and to encourage young girls to get active and make healthy lifestyle choices. They deserve to be the best that they can be. GoGirlGo! Seattle was launched in late of 2009.

What’s Happening in Seattle

GoGirlGo! Seattle and the City of Redmond Partner to Combat Bullying

On October 15th, GoGirlGo! Seattle and the City of Redmond hosted a viewing of the documentary and movement called Finding Kind.  This is a powerful movie on the effects of bullying and/or meanness in girl world.  Originally, only one viewing was scheduled at 2:30, but that event sold out very quickly.  Another viewing was added at 5:15 and also sold out.  Overall, 200+ people attended this event.  GoGirlGo! Seattle and the City of Redmond have added two more screenings on December 10th because of the high demand.  Thirty tickets will be held back to give to teachers and administrators in the Lake Washington School District.  To buy tickets, visit

The young girls who attended this event were quite moved.  Elementary and junior high girls shared their experiences of bullying and meanness, many with tears in their eyes.  One girl cried about the bullying that her little sister is enduring.  Another cried because of the lack of real emotion girls seem to show to one another.  One mom discussed how bullying she experienced as a young girl has led her to avoid true relationships with women around her to avoid getting hurt once again.

The community agreed that this meanness in girl world must be dealt with to create a healthy environment for the young girls in our society.  This change starts with girls and women pledging to be kind to one another.  This doesn’t mean that we have to like everyone or have to be all smiles.  This just means, as Thumper from Bambi so eloquently stated, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

GoGirlGo! Leadership Institute, November 17h, 2011

Mercer Island
This event fills up quickly, so register early. Register here.

Adult leaders who work with girls throughout the Puget Sound are invited to join us for a free day of learning.  Learn side-by-side with others in the community who are also working to better the lives of girls by getting them active, healthy, and confident.  If you are a parent, this is a great opportunity to learn about efforts in the community and the free GoGirlGo! curriculum.  You can take information back to your school, girl scout troop, church, etc. and give others the tools they need to start or enhance girls-only programming. We will have a keynote speaker and followed by several breakout sessions.  The topics for the breakouts are:

  • Training Leaders to use the NEW GoGirlGo! Curriculum
  • It’s not Truth or Dare Anymore: The Sexual World of Teens
  • Safety Vs. Smothering:  Keeping our Kids Safe
  • Bullying

Meet Our Team

Sheri Gazitt, GoGirlGo! Seattle Director

Sheri received her Bachelor degree in Psychology from Rice University and her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology (with an emphasis in pediatrics) from Houston Baptist University. Early in her career, she worked with children dealing with ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome, learning disabilities and traumatic brain injury. Sheri went on to work with an employee assistance program, answering calls from persons dealing with a variety of issues including teenager problems, suicidal ideation, substance withdrawal, psychotic episodes and more.

Early in life, Sheri was very involved in softball which taught her about perseverance, team building and pride. She knows how impactful sports can be in a young girl’s life. Being the mom of three young daughters, she also knows firsthand the obstacles that girls face in life when trying to make healthy lifestyle choices. She’s excited for many girls in the Seattle area to experience the GoGirlGo! curriculum so they can be better equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices that will allow them to reach their full potential.

Questions about GoGirlGo! Seattle? Email Sheri.

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