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About GoGirlGo! New York City Grant


The GoGirlGo! New York City Grant is officially open. The deadline to apply is April 19, 2019.

History of the Program

GoGirlGo! New York City Grant, established in 2015, with the support of espnW rewards girl-serving agencies who seek to enhance the lives of girls using sports, physical activity and life lessons taught through our GoGirlGo! curriculum.

GoGirlGo!, the Women’s Sports Foundation’s national landmark educational program launched in 2001 for elementary, middle and high school girls, works across the country to keep girls involved in physical activity and to improve the health of sedentary girls. At present, one in three girls is sedentary, while the other gets no more than thirty minutes of physical activity a week. GoGirlGo! identifies and weaves together quality resources within each community and provides comprehensive support to organizations through a hands-on curriculum, grant program and networking opportunities. GoGirlGo! has reached more than one million girls and provided more than $6 million in funding to girl-serving organizations.

Guidelines and Application

What is the purpose of the GoGirlGo! New York City Grant?
To reward and provide resources to New York City girl-serving agencies participating in GoGirlGo!, the Women’s Sports Foundation’s educational program.

Who will administer the grant?

The Women’s Sports Foundation administers the program and espnW is the sponsor of this program.

Who is eligible to apply for the grant?

In general, grants will support New York City girl-serving agencies conducting sport and physical activity programs and using the GoGirlGo! curriculum that serve girls aged 5 to 13. Eligible applicants will be asked to meet criteria such as:

  • Be nonprofit organizations with a 501(c)(3) designation.
  • Have committed and experienced adult leadership.
  • Deliver a minimum 12-week sport and physical activity program, with preference given to organizations working consistently with girls throughout the year.
  • Commitment to implement the GoGirlGo! educational curriculum (provided free of charge)
  • Send a representative(s) to participate in GoGirlGo! Leadership Institutes.
  • Participate in program evaluation, reporting and exposure activities.

How much funding is available?

Together, the Women’s Sports Foundation and espnW will award 10 grants of $2,500 each ($25,000 in total grants awarded) and provide the GoGirlGo! curriculum free of charge.

What can the grant be used for?

Grants can be used for coaching, athletic equipment, uniforms, transportation, facility rental and league/tournament fees.

What are the deadlines and other relevant dates?

Online applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. EST on April 19, 2019. Grantees will be notified by June 14, 2019.

Application Procedure

During the program application period, an authorized representative must visit Foundant GLM, the Women’s Sports Foundation’s grant-management system, and follow the directions to register a new user profile or update an existing profile. Limit one (1) profile per person/email address. Once your profile is registered, you will be able to save and submit an application on the website. APPLY HERE

Notification of Application Acceptance

  • You will receive an e-mail at the e-mail address provided in your profile when your application has been received.
  • Conditions under which an application will not be accepted:
    1. Applications that are e-mailed, faxed, incomplete or late;
    2. Applications for programs that require compulsory religious participation;
    3. Applications requesting funding towards the purchase of land, construction of buildings, event sponsorships, providing scholarships to individuals and/or the   purchase/care of animals with this grant;
    4. Applications for programs that do not implement the GoGirlGo! curriculum; and/or
    5. Applications requesting retroactive funding.


After reading the above guidelines carefully, if you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Flores-Amaya: 516-307-3915 or