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GoGirlGo! She is the Active Ingredient

Keri Herman, Skiing
I played hockey growing up…

Jen Hudak, Skiing
I also played soccer and lacrosse…

Cindy Santini, Singer/Songwriter 
…tennis, snowboard, surf. Sports was a huge part of growth for me — in developing teamwork and leadership skills — and it’s fun!

Monique Henderson, Track and Field
It’s taught me discipline in every aspect of my life — be it on the track, or academics, or working, or just anything.

Brandi Chastain, Soccer
Sports is the only thing that I’ve found that gives me everything I need to be successful.

Ashley Fiolek, Motorcross
It changed me as a person. It made me feel better about myself. And who I am.

Nancy Feagin, Rock Climbing
Usually you fail a lot, at least I did mountain climbing. And I learned a lot from my failures.

All the lessons — and all the experiences that you gathered during that time — you can apply to the next step in your life.

The lessons that I learned through my sports has helped me in my whole entire life.

Jenny Johnson Jordan, Beach Volleyball
So I want to encourage you guys to be the best player that you can be and just work on your own talents and your own skills and just try to rise to your potential. Go, girl, go!

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The GoGirlGo program has reached over one million girls

And provided more than $4.6 million in funding to girl-serving organizations

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