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Trending! Four Fitness Trends for Spring and Summer 2014

Every now and then a new and improved way to exercise emerges and soon everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. We want to keep up to date and we want our exercise to be fun! There are ten-minute workouts, fitness DVDs, exercises to do while at your desk or on the go. So instead of the usual drills at the gym, we tried different things like Zumba, spinning and P90x. Some of these novelties stick around for a while and gain a great following while others are just fads that are forgotten when the next new thing comes around. Recently, there has been a wave of the latest and greatest fitness trends to hit the scene. Here are the top four:

1. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – This has to be the most prevalent trend this year. HIIT is exactly what it sounds like: high-intensity activities in short bursts followed by shorter periods of rest. It is a quick but intense workout! HIIT is great form of cardiovascular exercise and helps increase your metabolism. There is no need for equipment so it can be done almost any and everywhere. The workouts only last for a short period of time which is why it’s so challenging because you’re supposed to hit it hard and hit is fast! However, it’s not for the faint-hearted and if you are now beginning on that New Year’s resolution to get in shape, HIIT is probably not for you.

2. CrossFit – We love this craze because people who do CrossFit do things that we never thought were humanly possible. In CrossFit, the emphasis is on strength and conditioning and includes cardio exercises, weightlifting, gymnastics and core training. It isn’t just a different way to work out, but rather a lifestyle or a culture. This is a maximum impact, high-intensity fitness regimen and the philosophy is centered on training the body for the unexpected. The nature of CrossFit is competitive yet supportive so beginners are always encouraged to try but at their personal level of intensity.

3. Body weight training –  Another self-explanatory fitness trend. Leave behind those dumbbells and weight machines and use what is natural: your body weight! This also isn’t a new trend but rather a resurgence of a traditional way to exercise utilizing the weight of your body as a form of resistance training. It’s simple and cost-effective since there is no need for any special equipment.

4. Yoga – Yoga is not exactly a trend but more of a classic; it’s perennial but constantly evolving and reinventing itself in different versions. However, the basis of the movement remains fairly constant. The purpose of yoga is to open your body and clear your mind and it lies across three areas: physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga is great for mediation and developing your core strength!