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Milk…Does it Really Do All Bodies Good?

Suprising new evidence from a multi-year British study disputes the dairy-product's famous addage

You’ve seen the ads. You know the logo. You probably have a kid photo showing you, smiling with teeth missing, sporting that iconic milk mustache. In my house, soda or juice weren’t ever served with meals. It was all milk, all the time. My sister and I were taught that drinking milk would help us have strong, healthy bodies long after we begged for it to be paired with a special treat….Fruity Peebles.

But is the slogan “Milk…It Does A Body Good!” applicable to all ages of both genders? A recent article from NPR examines this question after a multi-year survey out of Britain asserts that extra calcium, including that found in milk and milk products, might not be so powerful for women over 50. The good news: while taking that extra calcium might not help you avoid osteoporosis and fractures, exercise will. John Tongue, a Portland orthopedist, says “"A brisk walk for 20 to 40 minutes a day would do much more to improve people's general health and reduce people's risk of injury than taking vitamins or supplements, which are so common,"

So read the article, stop stressing about your calcium intake and hit the pavement!