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Huffington Post: Helmets In Lacrosse? Girls Say Butt Out!

A high school sports-related surveillance study over the 2009-10 school year revealed that head and face injuries and concussions are the most common injury in today’s women’s lacrosse competition. This alarming statistic raises questions about not only safety of players but also about the differences in how men and women play the game. When head injuries do occur in the women's game, it is typically inadvertent stick or ball-to-head contact. However, helmets are required in men’s lacrosse because it is much more physical than the women’s game.

Should women lacrosse players also be required to wear more protective gear? A new piece in today’s Huffington Post examines this question by exploring the differences between the men’s and women’s game while including feedback from several players with varying opinions on the matter.

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