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High Schooler Sydney Sachs to share her experience with GoGirlGo!

Sydney Sachs is a 17-year-old high school senior from Chicago, Illinois. A former member of the U.S. Rhythmic Gymnastics national team for six years, Sachs has since turned her attention toward academics and preparing for college. Not one to be away from physical activity for long, Sachs came to us and asked about running her own GoGirlGo! program for underserved girls in Chicago. In a new weekly blog series, guest-blogger Sachs will share her experience as she teaches our award-winning GoGirlGo! curriculum, with a focus on rhythmic gymnastics, of course, to a group of Chicago girls. Get to know her a little more in her first blog entry:

My name is Sydney Sachs, and I am so excited that I am finally a part of the GoGirlGo! Program! I am officially retired from sport, however, I was a part of the USA National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team for six years. I have also been on the World Championships Team for 3 years in a row, as well as the 2011 Pan American Games Team. Being a part of this program is a sort of dream come true for me. Because my sport is not as popular as many others, whenever I am able to share its beauty with other girls, I feel privileged. This program is allowing me to enjoy the beautiful sport, share it with other girls, and watch them fall in love with rhythmic gymnastics the same way I did.

Today I introduced rhythmic gymnastics to the girls for the first time. Watching their faces light up as I pulled out my Pan American medals, my national team suit, my leotards, and especially the ribbons, was a moment I will never forget. The girls were so excited to get started and even started stretching before the session began! I got to watch them move to fast and slow music while showing off the control of their newly found bodies. I was able to teach the girls how to do summersaults and cartwheels. Houston, 11, stood up with the biggest smile on her face and couldn’t wait to give me a high-five after completing her first summersault. I couldn’t stop smiling myself.

I cannot wait for next week to teach the girls all about the different equipment. I am so looking forward to their smiling faces and their appreciation of my favorite sport in the world.

GoGirlGo!, the Women's Sports Foundation's award winning curriculum and sports education program, works to improve the health of sedentary girls and to keep girls involved in physical activity by supporting programs and organizations that work with girls. Learn more here.