Samantha Gordon: Young Football Player Turns Media Sensation. Now What?

If you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ve heard the name or seen the YouTube highlight reel of nine-year old football player Samantha Gordon. In the reel, Samantha showcases some insanely fast running as she blows past her male competitors, a skill that has helped her score 35 touchdowns and net 1,911 yards this season. You’ve definitely noticed the screaming fans on the sidelines as Samantha scores, cheering for this player regardless of the ponytail hanging out of the back of her helmet. They are hard to miss.

“Most of the times it’s just really fun to be the one scoring the touchdowns rather than the boys,” Sam told Good Morning America today.

With her appearance on GMA , more than two million YouTube hits to her highlight reel, a shoutout on ESPN’s SportsCenter and the buzz she started on social media this week, Samantha Gordon is a bonafide media darling. But what does this mean other than an inspiring human-interest story about a young athlete from Salt Lake City? In just a few days the morning shows will have moved onto something else. The social media space will have a photo of a cute dog to share or a funny thought to reTweet.

Samantha’s skills – and the sensation caused by her highlights– mean so much more at the Women’s Sports Foundation. She is proof about all the things we know and have worked for almost four decades to share. Samantha is our mission in action – it wasn’t that many years ago that she wouldn’t be able to play any sport, much less football. She is a living, breathing example that girls love ALL sports just as much as boys do. The media fervor is evidence that female athletes deserve the praise and attention of the country. Most of all, Samantha proves that given the opportunity, girls can achieve anything. Now it’s up to us to continue to spread this message and make sure every American girl gets her shot at a quality sports experice -- and maybe even a viral video.

Haven’t seen Samantha’s YouTube video yet? View it here.

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