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Women Coaches on the Decline: A Study

Did you know that in the 40+ years after the passage of Title IX, female sport participation is at an all-time high but the percentage of women coaching women at the collegiate level has declined from 90+% in 1974 to near an all-time low today of 40%?

To draw awareness to this troubling issue, The University of Minnesota’s Tucker Center, in collaboration with the Alliance of Women Coaches, has launched a research series and annual report card.

Dr. Nicole LaVoi is the author of the report, and the associate director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport.

“Most people have no idea. They’re completely unaware, and find it quite surprising and shocking,” LaVoi said

“Girls are in desperate need of female role models and so are boys. So if we want to change ideas about gender and leadership in society, coaching is a good way to have powerful, visible, active women in our communities,” LaVoi said..

The report gave grades to each of the college conferences for their percentages of women head coaches. No conference scored above a C grade.

Learn more and view the report in its entirety here.