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The Latest Report from The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) serves as a comprehensive resource for issues related to gender and race in amateur, collegiate and professional sports. The Institute researches and publishes a variety of studies, including annual studies of student-athlete graduation rates and racial attitudes in sports, as well as the internationally recognized Racial and Gender Report Card, an assessment of hiring practices in coaching and sport management in professional and college sport.

Dr. Richard Lapchick, Director of TIDES and a WSF Board of Trustees member, is the author of the latest Racial and Gender Report Card, which shows the WNBA is still top among professional sports leagues as the leader in racial and gender hiring. WSF CEO Deborah Slaner Larkin was quoted saying, "Richard Lapchick and the recent report on gender and race, rightfully applauds the WNBA for its commitment to diverse leadership. Diverse leadership is important because the players deserve to have role models who look like themselves to emulate and because research confirms diverse groups make better business decisions."

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Photo Credit: Getty/Ron Hoskins