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NCAA Releases Title IX Anniversary Documentary “Sporting Chance”

“Sporting Chance,” a documentary presented by the NCAA, ESPN and Creative Street Entertainment, acknowledges those who helped form Title IX on the equity law’s 40th anniversary. The documentary will first appear on June 23 (the anniversary date of Title IX) on ESPN2 at 12 p.m.

The documentary reveals Title IX’s story and portrays how it has helped transform athletic participation for women, as well as the immense impact it has left in the 40 years since its enacting. Further, the documentary consists of interviews with Title IX advocates, as well as student athletes who have benefited from the passage of the landmark legislation. The documentary also includes personal stories from people who went beyond gender barriers in their athletic careers. Billie Jean King, Founder of the Women’s Sports Foundation, is one of several athletes who reveal their stories.

Carrol Stiff, ESPN’s vice president, programming & acquisitions said, “ESPN is thrilled to showcase Sporting Chance as part of our 40th Anniversary of Title IX initiative. The film documents the impact a 37-word civil rights law has had on our society for past, present and future generations. It gave all women a Sporting Chance.”

The documentary will serve as a great way to celebrate and honor the 40th anniversary of Title IX.