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When tasked with identifying a topic for their social justice project on Conflict & Compromise in History, classmates and best friends Ginny Brooks and Trinity Martensen, of Eureka, Calif., were inspired by the Battle of the Sexes movie that they watched last September.

The girls chose to center their focus on the story of Billie Jean King, the Original 9 and their fight for equal pay and the eventual formation of the WTA. Together, they created a documentary that won their local and state contests and ultimately reached the national competition in Washington, D.C.

With the support and praise of the tennis legend herself, this short film is a great tool for highlighting an important step in the history of gender equality in sports, and Ginny and Trinity did a fantastic job of chronicling the journey of our founder and the Original 9.

Classmates and best friends Ginny Brooks and Trinity Martensen picked up tennis last fall.