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Our Athletes: Many sports, one goal

Anne-Flore Marxer, Snowboarding
It’s that one moment where I breathe out, I stop, I look around, like looking at the mountains and the silence, and that’s the moment where actually I get all the concentration and then I’m ready to drop.

Cory Coffey, BMX
It’s an easy way for me to express myself, it’s basically up to you what you want to do and how you want to be creative that day.

Vicci Miller, Snowboarding
The sensation of flight is in when you leave the kicker and when you’re still rising in the air—is the best feeling in the world.

Sarah Burke, Skiing
The feeling you get after you land a new jump or grease a rail that you were having problems with that’s what keeps me going.

What inspires me is just like, myself and wanting to become something and knew I could always become.

Angela Ruggiero, Ice Hockey
Because I love my sport so much I think it made it a bit little easier for me to go a little bit harder when people told me I couldn’t do things.

Shannon Bahrke, Skiing
When I was a little girl you have a dream to do what you want to do and when I won my medal in 2002—that feeling of being on the podium and having that sense of victory pushed me everyday.

Torah Bright, Snowboarding
It feels incredible to have done what I needed to do on that day that counts for the world.

Rochelle Ballard, Surfing
Everyday is your challenge to go out there and flow with the ocean and feel that unity.

Tania Satchwell, Motorcross
I go out here and have a good time you know we’re not racing or we’re not riding, when I’m on my bike all I care about is that moment in time.

Kjersti Buass Ostergaard, Snowboarding
I just want to go outside and have fun outside in the world, which is my playground.

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