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How We Can Help You

You help us. We help you. A definitive system of teamwork --- something you know plenty about. Some of the ways we can help?

Jennie Finch, pitcher for the USA softball team before the game against the UCLA Bruins Softball team on April 22, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by: Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

We rely heavily on the participation from our elite female athletes to further our mission to change the lives of girls and women every day. But we also provide opportunities and resources to those same athletes to ensure their experience as one of the best on the planet is the most fulfilling and fruitful it can be.

You help us. We help you. A definitive system of teamwork. That’s something you know plenty about. Just some of those ways:

WSF Athlete Ambassador Program

We recognize the great advantage of presenting our female athletes as role models to all girls, and our program connects them in a meaningful and rewarding way.
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Athlete Recognition & Promotion at WSF Events

Attend black-tie fundraising galas and award shows, community events and high-profile, Foundation-sponsored sporting events as a great way for you to participate with the WSF, network with other elite athletes and have some fun while doing so.
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Educational Materials

Our many educational materials, like the award-winning GoGirlGo! curricullum, and research reports are provided free of charge for distribution to girls and adults at events that you organize or participate in.
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Advice and Guidance

We’ve got the answers to your questions about advocacy and gender equity issues that might be occurring in your sport and the research to back our positions up.
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To find out more about how we can help you, contact Olga Harvey, Senior Director, Leadership Services, at