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Professional Advisory Group

Executed under the umbrella of our Athlete Leadership Connection initiative, the WSF Professional Advisory Group is a collective of passionate individuals who share their expertise and time each month with champion athletes in the form of Office Hours workshops, webinars, one-on-one mentoring and more. The PAG underscores our commitment to fostering leadership in elite female athletes; the Group is our way of  providing champions with support that they might not otherwise have because of access, opportunity or financial resources.

2016 PAG Members:

  • Zeno Group, WSF Agency of Record: Public Relations Experts
  • Laura Tierney, Social Media Director, McKinney: Social Media Expert
  • Kathleen Kunkler, First Vice President, Wealth Management; Financial Advisor. Sports and Entertainment Director: Finance Expert

Interested in donating your time and expertise to our group of champion women athletes? Email Lindsay Kist to start the conversation.>>>