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We are pleased to share the following video recaps of several of the 2017 panels & sessions:

Curveballs & Comebacks: Navigating Life After the Final Buzzer

Listen in on a powerful discussion featuring Olympic, Paralympic and former collegiate athletes as they talk about their successes and failures after sports, and the lessons they learned from both. This dialogue with “transition experts” who have successfully navigated these waters will tell you all about the realities of retirement, dispelling myths and sharing their tried-and-true experience and methods for fulfillment along the way.

Stepping up to the Plate: Leadership Roles with Governing Groups

Hear from current and former athletes about the benefits – both personal and professional – derived from serving on a board or governing group. From advisory panels in your sport to NCAA groups focused on topical issues, or from the US Olympic Committee to the International Olympic Committee, athletes holding these leadership roles are crucial to the success of these groups. Learn how to contribute and affect real change and progress in a multitude of ways.

Calling the Plays: Careers in College Coaching and Athletic Leadership

Learn from leading women in college athletics whose experiences and insight paint valuable roadmaps for your future career in athletics. It’s critical that women are represented in leadership roles in college and professional athletics – from coaching staff to athletic directors, sports information employees and beyond. This session will inspire you to explore this road and share your passion for sports with future athletes.

Inside the Owner’s Box: Entrepreneurship and Your Big Idea

Discover why champion athletes and successful business owners are both typically ambitious and goal-oriented dreamers – in this session you will hear from women who are both. These women have drawn upon their sports background everyday as fuel for business success. They will share with you their accomplishments and set-backs along the way, and how both have shaped their careers.