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Athlete Advisory Panel

Each year we invite a small a group of athletes to be closely involved with the Foundation. Their time, energy and perspective helps advance our mission.



One of the questions that we get asked most often by athletes is “How can I be more involved? What more can I do to help the Foundation?” The Athlete Advisory Panel was created to be the answer to those questions.

Each year, we ask a small a group of athletes to take part in this structured level of involvement with the Foundation. They act as the face and voice of the Foundation by promoting our mission, attending our events and spreading the word about us to fellow athletes, to their sponsors and to fans. Most importantly, they are the eyes and ears for all female athletes, telling us what work needs to be done and giving us insight into how we can continue to help.

The Foundation’s President, Grete Eliassen, and Past President, Angela Hucles lead this amazing group as Co-Chairs. Those chosen to be part of the Athlete Advisory Panel  have repeatedly demonstrated their support for the Foundation’s mission and their eagerness and desire to do whatever they can to help young girls and their fellow female athletes.

2018 Athlete Advisory Panel


Grete Eliassen
Six-time Winter X Games medalist, Skiing

Elana Meyers Taylor
Two-time Olympic medalist, Bobsled


Laila Ali
World champion athlete
Celebrity host and correspondent

Lauren Chamberlain
Four-time NCAA All-American, Softball

Meryl Davis
Three-time Olympic medalist, Ice dancing

Sasha DiGiulian
World-record setting Climber

Meghan Duggan
Olympic Gold Medalist, Ice Hockey

Elena Hight
Two-time Winter X Games silver medalist, Snowboarding

Shea Holbrook
Pirelli World Challenge TCA Championship 2nd place, Auto Racing

Angela Hucles
Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Soccer

Sarah Hughes
Olympic gold medalist, Figure Skating

Phaidra Knight
USA Rugby’s Player of the Decade

Jessica Long
13-time Paralympic Gold Medalist, Swimming

Devin Logan
Olympic silver medalist, Skiing

Jessica Mendoza
Two time Olympic medalist, three-time World Cup champion, two-time Pan American Games gold medalist, Softball

Aimee Mullins
World record holder, Paralympian, Track & Field

Alana Nichols
Five-time Paralympic medalist, Wheelchair Basketball/Downhill Skiing

Angela Ruggiero
Olympic Gold Medalist, Ice Hockey

Brenda Villa
Three-time Olympic medalist, Water polo

Lauryn Williams
Three-time Olympic medalist, Track & Field and Bobsled